Ski touring

In the chourums of the Dévoluy

The what? The chourums? These cavities specific to the Dévoluy massif that can be counted by the dozen everywhere in the massif. They are similar to the caves or the scialets of the Vercors. Geological curiosity, some chourums can be visited by ski touring. The most famous of the massif, the Olympic Chourum or the Traversée Héroïque require a certain physical and technical level. An unforgettable experience to share!

Ski races


Somewhat physically involved, the chourums promise some nice surprises for those who venture out. Often composedof natural arches, crossing chourums requires proper equipment: helmet, harness, rope and ice axe of course.

If you have any doubts about your level or technical skills, ask the high mountain guides!”

Spice up your outing =

Aim for a chourum!

The hardest part will be choosing your chourum!!
Some are visible on skis without any difficulty: the Twin chourums, the Clot chourum, the Adroits chourum, the Camarguier chourum, etc. Covered by the snowpack, their entrance can be partially obstructed, be careful!”

Others are real ski races, with a significant distance and elevation change! This is the case of the Olympic chourum in Grand Ferrand or that of the Traversée Héroïque, at the foot of the Pic de Bure.

Be careful, the chourums are not physically materialized by specific signage and can constitute dangerous obstacles!

The bottom line


Skis, skins, helmet, ice axe, Arva, harness and rope if necessary, etc. + breathable and warm clothing + food!

A frameworksecuring

Snow conditions are not always easy to decipher. Go safely with a guide!

A weatherfavourable or nothing

Clear skies and low avalanche risk also contribute to the success of your outing.

Did you know?

The Dévoluy massif counts 600 caves out of the 800 in the Hautes-Alpes department
The longest one, the Baume de France located near the Cabane du chourum du Clot (Agnières en Dévoluy) measures 6.5 km.

Focus on

1 marked route

Discover dedicated ski touring itineraries (marked and secured)!
Materialized along the ski area’s slopes, starting from Superdévoluy and La Joue du Loup.

  • At Superdévoluy, join the Cros ski lift to reach the top of the Jas chairlift, that is 420 m of difference in altitude for a duration of about 2h.
  • At La Joue du Loup, join the Chaumattes ski lift and also reach the arrival of the Jas chairlift, that is 470 m of difference in altitude for a duration of about 3h.