Top 3 of the chourums

to discover in winter

What if you went to discover the chourums of Dévoluy ? These natural caves, numerous in the Dévoluy, can sometimes go up to 100m deep (980 m for the chourum des Aiguilles, the deepest in Europe!). As far as caving is concerned, the chourum of the Puits des Bans is a must not to be missed! The most famous, especially in the world of mountaineering, are called the Traversée Héroïque and the Chourum Olympique. Enough to motivate the specialists of sporting challenges!


The twin chourums

Located between the resorts and the Collet du Tat, just a stone’s throw from the alpine ski area, the twin chourums are accessible to everyone, whether on snowshoes or ski touring. They require no technical skills to observe.

So take a little height and meet one of the most accessible chourums of Dévoluy!

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The Heroic Crossing

How to describe this accessible yet elitist chourum? At the foot of Bure Peak and Corne Valley, the Heroic Crossing is one of the most impressive chourums in the massif. Open your eyes wide unless they are those of the chourum who are looking at you :)!
Get all the necessary equipment for mountaineering and do not neglect the snow conditions at the time of your outing. Supervision by a professional is highly recommended

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The Olympic chourum

It lives up to its name! Long and difficult to access, very technical due to its slope in particular, the Olympic Chourum is very popular with experienced climbers. At the exit of the chourum, from the summit of Grand Ferrand, the 360° panorama is like no other.

Get all the necessary equipment for mountaineering and don’t neglect the snow conditions when you go out. Supervision by a professional is highly recommended, in addition to the required physical and technical level.

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