La Grande Trace

February 10 and 11, 2024

It’s an institution, France’s oldest ski mountaineering race.
La Grande Trace is held one year from Dévoluy and one year from La Jarjatte.
A team or individual race, it’s one of the great international ski mountaineering races and brings together the best athletes in the discipline.
It aims to be authentic, offering wild, technical routes. The chourums, natural caves of the Dévoluy, are an integral part of the routes.

In pictures

La Grande Trace

The event

La Grande Trace

Practical info

A singular course
3 courses:

  • Course A (team): “L’Authentique”: approx. 2,500m D+
  • Course B (individual): approx. 1,500m D+
  • Course C (individual): approx. 1,000m D+

As befits the DNA of the race, the courses will be marked by several equipped technical passages, but also by the crossing of chourums, natural caves specific to the Dévoluy massif. Conditions permitting, the race will culminate on the Bure plateau, where the backdrop of the NOEMA observatory antennas will provide its traditional dose of spice.

Registration is not yet open, so please be patient!

La Grande Trace, ski mountaineering race in Dévoluy
La Grande Trace, ski mountaineering race in Dévoluy
La Grande Trace Hiver 2023 - Le Dévoluy