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Top 5 easy walks

We have selected for you, 5 ideas of small hikes to go with children. Do not hesitate to push the doors of the Tourist Offices to learn more, or even to gear yourself with the D-Izzy guide, the hiking guide of the Dévoluy (which includes 19 hikes for all levels) or the IGN map specific to the Dévoluy massif.


La cascade de Saute-Aure

Were you looking for an idea for an easy and fun walk with children? Starting from the Col du Festre, have the Saute-Aure waterfall as your goal. In less than 3 km, you will reach the foot of the waterfall where you can enjoy a bucolic view. The place lends itself wonderfully to apicnic break or a snack. Behind you, the mineral Tête de La Cluse, La Joue du Loup and more broadly, the entire eastern balcony of the Dévoluy massif.

Beware: you are evolving in a summer pasture area where you may encounter flocks of sheep, guarded by a shepherd and protection dogs. Stay on the trail and adopt a calm attitude, without sudden gestures! Finally, remember to close the gates behind you so that the flocks do not escape.

Note: the Saute-Aure waterfall only flows in the spring or after heavy rains.

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Le collet du Tât

From La Joue du Loup or Superdévoluy, this walk will take you to a small pass: the collet du Tât. It is perhaps one of the easiest places to access to enjoy a panoramic view on the main peaks of the Dévoluy massif: the Bure peak of course, but also the Obiou or the Grand Ferrand.

At the Collet du Tât, you will find a orientation table as well as a picnic table.

Beware: this walk does not have shaded areas.

The plus: the round trip to the Baumes ridge, located a few dozen meters vertical elevation above the collet du Tât, accessible to children over 12 years, by a trail that can be judged as technical.

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The Tour du Puy

This 4.5 km loop starting from Superdévoluy, can be travelled in an all-terrain stroller. Indeed, the route only takes a fairly wide path and in no way technical.
Midway, you will meet a belvedere arranged. In front of you, the Etroits gorges, the village of Saint Étienne en Dévoluy and the Farraud mountain

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The village of Agnières en Dévoluy

This short walk of less than 4 km from La Joue du Loup, will take you to the village of Agnières en Dévoluy. You will have to cross the road twice, be careful. In the village, take a break at the bar and restaurant l’Étincelle and refresh yourself at the village fountain.

Themed trail idea: the adventure game “Altaïr and the musical forest”(french language). Games, riddles and musical breaks for a beautiful moment shared with the family (information at the Tourist Offices or at l’Étincelle).

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Le Puits des Bans

This is a round trip to one of the special places of the massif: the Puits des Bans. This short hike is ideal for a picnic break by the water: you will walk along the river La Souloise from downstream, at the village of Saint Disdier.
This walk can be difficult for children under 10 years old: slopes, uneven ground, passages on footbridges with a handrail. No difficulty nevertheless until the Cerise bridge where you can enjoy a picnic area.

To note: the Puits des Bans is one of the most accessible pit of the massif. With a depth of 200 meters, it is the first cave of the massif to have been explored! Ask at the Tourist Offices for a supervised caving trip.

I’m going with the D-Izzy guide!.

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