Summer_activities_climbing_Gicons_Itinera Magica_©Fohen Photography_Marion Carcel_June 2022 (l)Summer_activities_climbing_Gicons_Itinera Magica_©Fohen Photography_Marion Carcel_June 2022 (l)
©Summer_activities_climbing_Gicons_Itinera Magica_©Fohen Photography_Marion Carcel_June 2022 (l)
Climbing in Dévoluy

Exceptional natural sites.

The Pic de Bure and the Demaison route, the site of the Gillardes, the school site of the Étroits, that of the Gicons and its 360° panorama… So many Devoluy climbing spots well known to climbers and mountaineers alike. Dévoluy also boasts a via ferrata, a via souterrata and an indoor wall at the centre sportif du Dévoluy.

to discover

Over 160 lanes

With over 160 routes, Le Dévoluy is a privileged territory for climbing

4 practice spots detailed in the climbing topo “autour de Gap”:

  • La Tour et la paroi des Colombiers: 11 routes from 5c to 6b+
  • La crête des bergers: 1 route in 6b max
  • Les Etroits (climbing school): 29 routes spread over 4 sectors, up to 7b/c
  • Les Gicons: 124 routes spread over 6 sectors, from 4a to 7b+
A climbing wall

18 metres high

At center sportif du Dévoluy, enjoy the highest wall in the Hautes-Alpes department. Open all year round, the infrastructure is sure to please: 18 meters high, 12 routes (from 4a to 8a) with 1 overhang, it’s not to be refused!

Access to the wall is reserved for autonomous climbers: minimum 2 autonomous climbers for 1 non-autonomous climber.
Bring your equipment (ropes, harnesses, shoes) and your license. Belaying at 8 is forbidden.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
Bookings on line or on

A new path

on the Bure pillar

Since 2022, the Pic de Bure pillar has boasted a new 600-meter route, christened “Voyage au Buristan”. 10 years of work and the mobilization of several enthusiasts and talented climbers come to the end of this mythical route.

Getting ready

The climbing guidebook

Find the topo guide Climbing “around Gap” (Gap – Buëch – Champsaur – Valgaudemar – Dévoluy) on sale for €25, in all the Dévoluy Tourist Offices.
This also exists in its digital version via the OmegaRoc app, also for €25 (or retail from €1).

Underground immersion
Focus on

From shadow to light

A film by André Borel.

When a child of Dévoluy decides to share his love for his massif with his grandson, the result is “De l’ombre à la lumière”.
André Borel, author of this film and writer (he has already published 2 books on Dévoluy), offers us a new way of discovering the massif, this time from its bowels, in the heart of the chourums of the Pays de Bure.
This film is an initiatory journey through the earth’s crust of a massif that has yet to reveal all its secrets.

DVD available for sale at Dévoluy Tourist Offices.

Teaser "Dévoluy, de l'ombre à la lumière" - le film
Teaser "Dévoluy, de l'ombre à la lumière" - le film
Teaser "Dévoluy, de l'ombre à la lumière" - le film