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Frequently asked questions

All the answers to your questions!
  • Can I fly my hobby drone?

    You own a recreational drone and want to make a film of your vacation with aerial images of the Dévoluy?
    The operation of unmanned aircraft is covered by the implementing regulation (EU) 2019/947 of May 24, 2019 on the rules and procedures applicable to the operation of unmanned aircraft. This regulation is applicable since December 31, 2020.

    Waiting for the availability of the previously mentioned training courses and until January 1, 2023, the leisure training courses available on the Fox Alpha Tango website or from the federations (FFAM and UFOLEP) allow to operate in the open subcategories A1 and A3.

    Note: remote pilots operating in these subcategories of UAVs weighing less than 250 g are not required to follow this training. Instead, they must familiarize themselves with the user manual for their aircraft provided by the manufacturer.

    It is therefore the responsibility of the owner of a remotely piloted aircraft to find out about the legislation in force before flying their drone.

    Here you will find links to the institutional sites regulating the operation of drones in the so-called open category (for the recreational drone):

    Finally, for information, the Bure plateau is a Natura2000 listed site and therefore regulated. For any flight over the plateau of Bure, a request for authorization is mandatory.

  • Where can I go with my dog?

    Following numerous incivilities, dogs are prohibited on the snow fronts. However, they are allowed on the public road in all the rest of the resorts.

    Dogs installed in a bag or equipped with a harness, are accepted in the cabins of theFontettes telemix.

    To find accommodation that accepts pets, consult our dedicated page.

    To note: from June 15 to October 15, the Drôme estives are forbidden to dogs, even if they are kept on a leash (see the map of the areas concerned). On the hiking trails bordering the Drôme, you will find reminder signs. When hiking in the mountains, always be careful when approaching herds, keep your dog on a leash and go around the herd. When a herding dog arrives, under no circumstances should you pick up your dog.

    Find more information on how to behave around guard dogs here.

  • What activities can I do in the summer?

    The Alpine domain of Dévoluy is also open in summer for downhill mountain biking.

    Weekly activities are also offered throughout the season! Check out our agenda to see what activities are organized during your stay.

    Find the range of outdoor and indoor activities on the different pages of the website!

  • Is the MTB area suitable for families?

    Recall that the destination is Family Plus labeled, Le Dévoluy offers a bike park and reassuring, family-friendly mountain bike trails with trails and play areas suitable for little ones on the snow fronts.

  • What are the opening and closing dates of the ski lifts?

    Find all the information about the ski lifts on the dedicated page.

  • What are the rates for the ski lifts?
  • Do I need a pass to access the playground?
  • I need help finding accommodation

    Some accommodations are bookable online, others are not. In any case, you can contact our reservation center by phone at 04 92 58 91 91, on the same hours as the Tourist Office. Also find all our accommodations here.

  • What are the animations for the summer?

    Find all the events at the agenda, and highlights here.

  • What are the market days in Dévoluy ?

    Find all the dates of the markets in Le Dévoluy on this page.

  • What are the hiking routes?

    The marked trails are consultable here. You can also buy the Dévoluy hiking guide or the IGN map OT3337 in the Tourist Office. You can also order them from us by sending us a check (price of the topo + the stamp).

    A paper map indicating the departures of each hike is also available in the Tourist Offices.

  • What will the weather be like?

    Find the 3-day weather forecast on this page.

    The weather can change very quickly in the mountains. Always ask about the weather before you go hiking, and don’t go if a storm is forecast.

  • Are there any restaurants open in the off-season?

    Yes, you can find a list of businesses open in the off-season on this page. Use the filter to display only the restaurants.

  • What can you do when it rains?

    In case of rain during your stay, check out our“in case of bad weather” section. Find farm visits, cinemas, bowling, relaxation and wellness places, or even caving!

  • Is there a public pool?

    Yes, there is a public pool at La Joue du Loup.

    Some accommodations also offer pools within their establishment.

    A Superdévoluy:

    – L’Orée des Pistes

    – Le Hameau du Puy

    A La Joue du Loup:

    – Les Chalets de la Lauzière

    – Les Mélèzes des Chaumattes

    – Les Flocons du soleil

    – La Crête du Berger

    In the Valley:

    – La Neyrette

    – Le Cabanou

  • What are the off-season activities?

    In the off-season you can do the following activities:

    – Hiking, mountain biking, trail riding, Via ferrata and Via souterrata, rock climbing;

    – The sports center in Superdévoluy is open;

    – The Superdévoluy equestrian center is open;

    – Activities wellness and relaxation, including at Odycéa, the Dévoluy baths;

    – The Altaïr game adventure in the village of Agnières en Dévoluy, the Clapéou game adventure in Superdévoluy;

    – Visits to the “Flouka” and “l’Herbier du Dévoluy” farms;

    – Buggy rides;

    – Tennis courts are open in Saint Etienne en Dévoluy upon reservation with the Tourist Office.

  • Is the via souterrata open?

    The via souterrata is temporarily closed for construction. Find updated information on the dedicated page.

    WARNING in case of storms, difficult access in winter.

    The via souterrata is rated “Quite Difficult +” due to the underground environment, it is recommended to be supervised by caving guides for a first discovery.

    As for those used to via ferrata, climbing or caving, they will be able to evolve underground in perfect autonomy!

    Minimum height: 1.40 m.

    Come and discover the new “Cathedral” itinerary, in the prolongation of the “Chatière”.
    Cumulatively, you will evolve on 500m of course with a second section which is characterized by its aerial and sporty side.
    Please allow 1h30 for the complete itinerary. Guaranteed sensations !

    More information.

  • I lost something, what should I do?

    The reception offices of the Tourist Office offer a “lost and found” service. Go to one of these offices to try to find your lost things.

  • How should I behave when faced with a herd in the mountains?

    Follow our guide about herd and guard dog encounters to learn all about proper conduct.