Top 5 photo spots

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The Bure plateau

This is THE place to be for out of this world photos in Le Dévoluy! A 360° view on the Southern Alps, and colossal antennas scanning the sky. The access to the antennas is an adventure that must be earned: the ascent is done by snowshoes or by ski touring on a difference in altitude of more than 1000 meters. If you lack confidence in the mountains, go with a guide.

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Le Vallon d’Âne

The Pic de Bure is also very photogenic from the valley. And the best place to immortalize it is undoubtedly the Vallon d’Âne. Easily accessible by snowshoes and ski, you will first have to cross the fairy forest of Bois Rond. You will arrive in the valley, surrounded by stone cathedrals. At first light, the place will leave you speechless, photographer’s word !

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Les sources des Gillardes

Let’s go back to the bottom of the valley, north of the massif. After passing the spectacular Défilé de la Souloise road, a path leads you to this spectacular exsurgence, in the middle of the forest. The place is perfect for practicing the long break and making water nets. Watch out for slips!

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La crête des Beaumes

Going up there is definitely the easiest way to see Le Dévoluy as a whole. With snowshoes, from one of the two ski resorts, a nice hike allows you to reach it. A 360° panorama on the massif is waiting for you up there! Favor the low-angled lights at the beginning and end of the day for even more striking landscape photos!

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The Col du Festre

The Col du Festre is home to a wide variety of landscapes, depending on the direction in which you point your camera: go west, and you will find large steppes overhung by jagged mountains. Go North, and the panoramic view of the Dévoluy will open up with its play of lights. Go east, and the foothills of the Bure plateau will rise in front of you. Finally, in the South, vast forests spread around La Cluse. So, what will be your choice?