the Pierra ski lift

The last lift, at the top of the ski area, the Pierra lift allows you to reach a superb panorama of the Vercors, the Matheysine and the Écrins at 2,500 meters.
The slopes and areas served by the Pierra are reserved for good skiers. Not to mention the accessibility itself of the lift, which can be a first obstacle!

The Pierra area

and its ski lift

With your eyes riveted on the top of the ski area, piste map on the mobile app, aim for the Le Pierra area.

Installed in 1980, this is the only device that serves the highest point of the ski area at just over 2500 meters above sea level. The area is intended to be steep and cleared of vegetation.
Hidden behind the Sommarel rock, Le Pierra is deserved, due to the technical characteristics of the line: change of slope, significant degree of slope, sharp turns. Its access is also anticipated: at the top, from the most difficult slopes or areas of the ski area.

One hell of a


At the arrival of the Pierra ski lift:

  • On your right, a red slope, that of the vallon la Truie, the most out of the way slope of the ski area. It’s a wild valley that awaits you there, no lifts around you and often few skiers! You will join the Génépi sector downstream.
  • On your left, a recently created area called “Black Ram”. This is a freeride area! No grooming, the space is yours, express yourself as you wish.

Start with the right ski

Off-trailTaking care of yourselfand others

Skiing off the marked trails is done at your own risk. It is recommended to equip yourself with avalanche rescue equipment and to inform yourself about the avalanche risk. Some professionals in Dévoluy offer freeride ski lessons, find them opposite.

Off-piste skiing must also be practiced with respect for wildlife. quiet zones are sometimes delineated, where access is formally prohibited. Many species, some of them endangered, take refuge in wooded areas during the winter. Be vigilant especially after heavy snowfalls and during extreme cold weather!

Finally, skiing in the area outside of opening hours is strongly discouraged. Grooming machines and their winch cables pose a significant risk to skiers.

Pour la faune, respectez les zones de tranquillité 🙏🏻
Pour la faune, respectez les zones de tranquillité 🙏🏻
Pour la faune, respectez les zones de tranquillité 🙏🏻