O'dycéa, les bains du Dévoluy

O'dycéa, les bains du Dévoluy, your new connection to La Joue du Loup. 

O'dycéa, les bains du Dévoluy

Alone or in a group, multiple connections will create new forms of happiness. "You should not be happy for yourself alone, but seek your happiness in the well-being of your fellow human beings," Goethe said.

Nothing here is virtual! A better knowledge of oneself will allow one to reach new heights with others. Delights and delicacies will accompany the rituals. Taste pleasures and effervescent taste buds will give you a taste of the art of decompression. Wellness professionals will help you let go in a harmonious natural setting. Absolute relaxation!

Prices extract

Balneo Pass

  • 2h (+ 15 years old): 18€.
(on the time slots open to children)
  • 2h (under 15 years old): 11€.
  • 2h (under 5 years old): 5€.

Spa + Balneo - Hammam Pass (+ 16 years old only)

  • 2h : 25€

Balneo subscriptions

  • 10 pass 2h: 153€
  • 20 pass 2h: 252€
Spa subscriptions
  • 10 pass 2h: 212€
  • 20 pass 2h: 350€

Deposit card or bracelet 10€ refunded when returned

Deep Nature care:
O'dycéa has teamed up with the Deep Nature brand to offer you modular and personalized skin care according to your skin type and condition, the seasons and the environment: tailor-made for everyone, man or woman, whatever your age.

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