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Via souterrata

of the Tune

The Dévoluy massif is a giant underground gruyere where water flows essentially under our feet and to a lesser extent on the surface.
Because of its geology, the Dévoluy is one of the French massifs most conducive to the practice of caving.


Due to security works, the via souterrata de la Tune is closed by order and forbidden to access until further notice.

In autonomy

Or accompanied

The via souterrata allows you to share a unique moment. In a cave, you will discover a sportive but also playful adventure. Professionals can accompany you, provide you with the necessary equipment and talk about geology, hydrology, archaeology or cave fauna. What is hidden under our feet will surprise you without any doubt…

A parallel world

Under your feet

By the light of the headlamps, and by a constant temperature of 10 degrees, you progress on a circuit from 300 to 500 meters long. This may seem short, but between the crossings, the monkey bridges and the steps, the whole crossing can take you about 1h30.

The courses

The Via Souterrata offers two routes in the heart of the Trous de la Tune. The layout of this Via Souterrata is light, don’t hesitate to look for and use the natural holds in the rock. Playful breaks await you along the way to discover the underground world.

Route "Chatière

  • 1 hour of underground adventure for an unforgettable experience!
  • After an initial slightly overhanging pit, the route is essentially traverses interspersed with small narrows, while crossing a footbridge and a monkey bridge.
  • Level : Fairly difficult + (AD +)

Itinerary "Cathedral

  • Extend your crossing with this itinerary set up in 2021, and accumulate 1h30 of underground sensations.
  • This itinerary is meant to be more aerial and will offer you more technicality in your catches.
  • Enjoy new playful passages such as the tightrope walker or the pendulum.
  • Level : Difficult (D)

The bottom line

Between 8 and 10 degreesall year round

Bring warm clothes and gloves that don’t mind getting dirty or damaged. Some rental companies offer wetsuits.

Slippery floorand wet

Wear hiking boots or shoes.

Preserve the site,its fauna and flora

Do not throw anything into the cavities and do not leave any waste.

Be well prepared

Our recommendations
  • If you are not familiar with the activity and the use of the equipment, do not venture into this Via Souterrata without being accompanied by a professional.
  • Mandatory equipment: headlamp, helmet, double lanyard, safety carabiner, energy absorber, harness.
  • Minimum recommended height = 1.40m.
  • It is highly recommended to use a belay device complementary to the use of lanyards for children (due to their weight being too low for the energy absorber).
  • On the approach trail you will be moving near various cavities, be careful, do not deviate from the trail (risk of falling).
  • Do not engage in case of risk of storm.
Underground immersion
A film by André Borel.

When a child of the Dévoluy decides to share his love for his massif with his grandson, it gives “From the shadow to the light”.
André Borel, author of this film and writer (he has already published 2 books on the Dévoluy), offers us a new way of discovering the massif, this time from its bowels, in the heart of the chourums of the Bure country.
This film is an initiatory journey through the earth’s crust of a massif that has not yet delivered all its secrets.

DVD available for sale in the Tourist Offices of Dévoluy.

Teaser "Dévoluy, de l'ombre à la lumière" - le film
Teaser "Dévoluy, de l'ombre à la lumière" - le film
Teaser "Dévoluy, de l'ombre à la lumière" - le film