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Tour of Dévoluy

You never cross the Dévoluy massif by chance. In the shape of a horseshoe, the Dévoluy is revealed by only 3 road entrances in summer and 2 in winter. Go on an adventure and discover the Dévoluy inside or outside the walls.

Did you know that?

Several giants surround the massif: the Tête de l Obiou, the highest point of Dévoluy with 2789 m, followed by the Grand Ferrand and its 2759 m or the emblematic pic de Bure with 2709 m of altitude.

The bottom line

On foot100% mountain

In itinerancy, walking or running, in 2, 3 or more days.

By bikeVia the Noyer pass

Between Dévoluy and Champsaur, on small mountain roads.

On horsebackDedicated markup

Recently, Le Dévoluy offers a tour of the massif on horseback. Follow the orange markings.