La Grande Trace

February 11, 2024

It’s an institution, the oldest ski mountaineering race in France.
La Grande Trace is held one year from Dévoluy and one year from La Jarjatte.
A team or individual race, it is one of the great international ski mountaineering races, bringing together the best athletes in the discipline.
It’s an authentic race with wild, technical routes. Chourums, the natural caves of Dévoluy, are an integral part of the routes.

Superdévoluy >Superdévoluy
9 amFebruary 112024
Arrival mealIncludedFor all
1 original editionredesignedon 1 stage
OnlineregistrationNo on-site registration

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La Grande Trace

The event

Organizers’ press release dated 29/01/2024:

In view of the extreme heat of the last few days and the well-established anticyclone, the organization will not be able to offer a two-day traverse route between Superdévoluy and La Jarjatte.
We are therefore proposing a single, beautiful stage at the foot of the Pic de Bure, starting and finishing in Superdévoluy on Sunday, February 11, 2024.
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As usual, the route will be wild and technical. Skiers will of course visit the Bure plateau and its emblematic antennae, but also the chourums and immaculate valleys of the massif.
The Grande Trace Dévoluy 2024 will be part of the French FFME team championships.

La Grande Trace

Practical info

A unique route – currently being redesigned for 1 stage only

In keeping with the race’s DNA, the route will be marked by a number of equipped technical sections, as well as by the crossing of chourums, natural caves unique to the Dévoluy massif. Conditions permitting, the climax of the race will be on the Bure plateau, where the NOEMA observatory antennae will provide the traditional dose of spice.

Entries are open until February 07, 2024!

La Grande Trace, ski mountaineering race in Dévoluy
La Grande Trace, ski mountaineering race in Dévoluy
La Grande Trace Hiver 2023 - Le Dévoluy

The route