Family Plus label

The "Family Plus" label, a reference for your family holidays in La Joue du Loup and Superdévoluy, two resorts in the southern Alps!

Family Plus is a national label which selects French destinations that meet the expectations of families with children aged 18 months and older in terms of quality.


En famille


Family Plus-labelled resorts carefully meet 110 precise requirements and 6 commitments, ensuring your family holidays are a success:

  1. Welcome and information
  2. Events
  3. Activities
  4. Environment and heritage exploration
  5. Accomodation, catering and shops/services
  6. Facilities and safety

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The Family Plus label is willing to make you live unforgettable, easy family holidays, modelled on you.


The Family Plus label was awarded to Le Dévoluy resorts in 2011, which was a reward for the quality of the welcoming and of the services offered to the families. Since then, several hosts, caterers and activity providers have joined this approach, thus becoming Family Plus partners, with whom you will find the spirit and services your family has been expecting.