Martinho Rodrigues

Martinho Rodrigues

Sortie canyoning avec Martinho Rodrigues dans le Dévoluy avec Martinho Rodrigues, Hautes-Alpes, Alpes du Sud
Sortie avec Martinho Rodrigues dans le Dévoluy avec Martinho Rodrigues, Hautes-Alpes, Alpes du Sud
Sortie tyrolienne avec Martinho Rodrigues dans le Dévoluy avec Martinho Rodrigues, Hautes-Alpes, Alpes du Sud
Sortie avec Martinho Rodrigues dans le Dévoluy avec Martinho Rodrigues, Hautes-Alpes, Alpes du Sud
Martinho Rodrigues
Le Dévoluy

ECOLE DE LA NATURE and Martinho RODRIGUES, caving guide, canyon guide and mountain guide.

From June to September, Martinho invites you to discover several activities and live together real adventures in Dévoluy.

Individually, in groups or with your family you can learn speleology in caves and chourums of the Dévoluy, go water hiking or canyoning in the most beautiful rivers of the country, discover the first underground via souterrata in Europe created in the Dévoluy in 2017, "piss" in your trainers by crossing the Drac gorges at more than 120 m high by zip line and finally hike through the grandiose and unusual landscapes characteristic of the Dévoluy.

It is a real via ferrata which has the particularity of being totally underground. The route set up in a chourum of the Dévoluy is a first in Europe. You can't miss it... You'll be the first.
This brand new and very playful route is not difficult at all, but you can say that it is "committed". It means that down there, in the dark, you'll be alone... The phone doesn't work.
Martinho will guide in the darkness those who prefer not to go alone. You'll be equipped with a harness, special lanyards and a helmet with lights. In addition to this traditional equipment for more comfort and safety, we will also provide you with a full caving suit.

Martinho offers small outings accessible from the age of 8 to 10 years old to be done with the family and more technical explorations, more sportive for the older ones. You will all be equipped with wetsuits, helmets, rubber boots and harnesses like real speleologists. You will climb. You will descend on abseiling ropes. You will walk in underground rivers and cross small bodies of water in inflatable boats. You will marvel at stalactites, stalagmites and other crystalline formations. You will discover absolute darkness and the incredible tranquillity that reigns underground. You will live a real experience in unknown territory and a journey out of time.

Jumps, slides, abseiling and waterfalls under the Hautes-Alpes sun.
Martinho will guide you on the most beautiful sites of the country. Within a radius of 20 to 50km around the Dévoluy, the neighbouring massifs offer some possibilities to really enjoy yourself by descending these torrents which flow almost vertically. In pretty mountainous settings, under the astonished gaze of chamois and marmots, crystalline waters tumble down the slopes and form natural slides, waterfalls and pools that invite you to splash about! When the sun is out, it's magnificent.
Day outings with a short picnic stop allow you to live this real adventure to the full. Other small, very aquatic "canyons", accessible in half a day, allow the youngest ones to be initiated and to live refreshing adventures in the hottest part of the summer, with family or friends.
More technical descents (large 50m high waterfalls by abseiling) await those who want to experience the big thrill in safety.

All the hikes of the Dévoluy, Vercors and Oisans. From the most mythical to the most unexpected, original and unusual. From the most popular (great classics) to the most secret (the guide's secrets).
Small easy walks to observe chamois, marmots, vultures and all the other animals of our mountains. Climbing to the most beautiful peaks of the country.
Some accessible to all and others more technical, reserved for those with a "mountain" foot. But also underground hikes (speciality), gourmet hikes (to taste the land) and themed hikes (fauna, flora, geology, speleology, ecology, history, heritage...).

Opening dates

All year round.


VIA SOUTERRATA - All year round
> Adults: 45 €
> Young people : 40 €

SPELEOLOGY - from June to September
> 1/2 day - adults: 45 €
> 1/2 day - children: 40 €
> Sport caving: 70 €

CANYONING - from June to September
> 1/2 day - adults: 50 €
> 1/2 day - children: 45 €
> Large waterfalls: 60 €

Special rates for families.

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