Marine TATIBOUET - Vertical Zénith

Marine TATIBOUET - Vertical Zénith

Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Sortie via ferrata avec Vertical Zénith, Dévoluy, Hautes-Alpes
Escalade avec Marine Tatibouet, Dévoluy, Hautes-Alpes
Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Marine Tatibouet, Diplômée d’État d’escalade et de spéléologie - Le Dévoluy
Marine TATIBOUET - Vertical Zénith
La Cluse
Le Dévoluy

Experience vertical emotions under the supervision of a passionate professional.
Our massif conceals exceptional limestone sites that are conducive to surpassing oneself and especially to sharing good moments.

> The Via ferrata des Etroits (Saint Etienne en Dévoluy), with its 1st part : "La Traversée des Baumes" (accessible from 8/9 years old), ideal for a discovery of the activity, its beautiful itinerary goes up the river Souloise up to the entrance of the canyon of the étroits (duration between 1h30 and 2h30).
"La Voie Vertigo", the second part of the via ferrata des Etroits, is more physical and vertical, as it crosses the sublime canyon des Etroits on both sides; this second part is accessible from 11/12 years old (cumulative duration of the crossing of the balms and the vertigo: 2h30 to 3h30).

> The Via ferrata Pitchoun du Sautet (Lac du Sautet, Corps)
The introductory course at the Belvédère du Sautet, accessible to children from 5 years old. This "gateway" to the via ferrata activity, anchored on the small south-east wall of the dam, is ideal for a fun discovery of the activity with young children (parents and children can move together on the course, or parents can follow them from the ground, maximum height 8 metres, balance workshops similar to those for the accrobranches).
Duration between 1 and 2 hours.

The second part of the via ferrata du Sautet is the big thrill.
After the impressive crossing of the footbridge perched 80m above the ground, this longer and more technical part goes upstream to the dam bridge. Duration 2h30 to 3h.

Then the tunnel route and the big thrill. Good physical condition required. Duration 3h30 to 4h30.

> The via ferrata of the Gorges d'Agnielles, from 6 years old, very playful for all members of the family. This horizontal via ferrata, sometimes wooded, sometimes vertical, or through caves, is very interesting for an initiation, especially as it ends with a beautiful abseiling. Ideal for families so that everyone can have fun together. Duration 2h30.

> Climbing session for beginners or climbers wishing to progress. From 6/7 years old, ideal to spend a good half-day with family or friends.
> In winter, a climbing site is available in the Dévoluy: the cliff of Les Etroits (5 minutes walk) in the middle of the day and the school cliff of the Gorges d'Agnielles in the afternoon.
> Once the ropes have been set up on the rock, let the instructor guide you to learn the roping knot, understand how to belay your climbing partner, and take the correct descent position once you reach the top of the route.
> Convivial with games and exercises chosen according to the ages and desires of the participants, this half-day will be rich in emotion and learning.
> Average duration of the session 2h30 to 3 hours.

> Climbing on an artificial wall is a good way to learn or progress. The proposed rope climbing sessions are accessible from 6/7 years old, with family or friends.
> The wall of the Centre Sportif du Dévoluy is a recent wall offering many climbing profiles and up to 18 m of climbing in developed.

> Initiation or improvement sessions in group or private lessons; Fit'escalade, many options are available to you. Sessions last 1h30.

> Fit'escalade, from 12 years old, is a climbing session for your figure. It includes 1h15 of climbing with specific exercises to work the deep muscular fibres, cardio and flexibility followed by a floor training circuit focusing on sheathing and abdominals.

Contact us for winter schedules and planning

> "The big wall climbing route... an adventure to try whether you are a beginner or an expert climber".
> Learning the different techniques of progression and abseiling descent, roped party spirit.
> Come and live beautiful vertical moments, I adapt to your level of practice in big wall climbing with a view to climbing pleasure and gain in autonomy: first equipped big wall climbing alone or with friends (Buech, Devoluy, Orpierre...,) improvement in equipped big wall climbing (Gillardes, Archiane, Orpierre, Verdon...), or even discovery or improvement in adventure terrain (Archiane, Orpierre, Verdon...).

I also offer Grande- voie courses in autumn, spring and late summer, see program on facebook account VERTICALZENITH.


Initiation outing to the Puits des Bans
Come explore with your family (from 10 years old), one of the flagship cavities of Dévoluy. Located not far from the village of St, Disdier, the Bans well is an integral part of the hydrological enigma of the massif, since it occasionally constitutes an outlet for the water coming out of the Gillardes resurgence.
After getting equipped for our underground adventure (wetsuits, helmets, boots, gloves, knee pads) we will walk for 15 minutes and cross the Souloise stream to reach the entrance to the cavity. With the help of a small inflatable boat, we will avoid getting wet by crossing the 2 large entrance "lakes" (these are in fact shallow but very wet basins!), Until we enter a large room where we will make a fun loop. This path alternating between small easy climbs, narrow or narrow, will be the opportunity to search as a team for clues on the formation of limestone caves, the magical shapes that are there (stalactite, stalagmite, draperies, columns, gours ...) to learn a lot of things about past and present cave animals.
The activity lasts 1h30 underground
Family outing in Agnielles:
Discover the joys of caving as a family (from an early age 6 years). The cave of the resurrection located in the gorges of Agnielles (40 minutes from Superdévoluy) conceals many geological and animal secrets.
Equipped with caving suits (which can be dirtied at will) and helmets with lamps, we will overcome the formidable approach walk (10 minutes) to enter a stunning and unusual world. Beautiful cave, which after a little crawling (yes, yes, it's great fun to crawl like an earthworm), reveals a large room with beautiful volumes, then parallel galleries on two levels, allowing us to take turns to play in the narrow spaces, to model clay, to observe pretty concretions and to arouse our curiosity about the cave environment, all this while having fun of course.
The activity lasts 1.5 hours underground.

Opening dates

All year round.


- Les Étroits, (from 12 years old) 35 € per person, 32€ if group of 4 people mini
- Les gorges d'Agnielles (from 6/7 years old) 35 € per person, 32€ if 4 people minimum

CLIMBING all levels, from 6 years old 30€ per person
(site of Etroits, Gicons and Agnielles)
Climbing on the main route (Gillardes, Buëch, Orpierre...)

VIA SOUTERRATA Summer and winter!
- Via course, from 11 years old 45€ per person (35€ for children under 12)
- Via course + exploration of the bottom of the chourum, from 14 years old 55€ per person

-Family outing to Puits des Bans, from 11 years old 45€ / pers (35€ for under 18 years old)
-Family outing to Agnielles, from 6 years old 38€ / pers (35€ for under 18 years old)
-Sport caving Puits des Bans, from 14 years old 60€ per person
-Technical sport caving, from 18 years old 80€ per person (day)

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