Marc Casali - Spéléologie Hautes-Alpes

Marc Casali - Spéléologie Hautes-Alpes

Marc Casali, spéléologie Hautes-Alpes, Dévoluy
Marc Casali, spéléologie Hautes-Alpes, Dévoluy
Marc Casali, spéléologie Hautes-Alpes, Dévoluy
Marc Casali, spéléologie Hautes-Alpes, Dévoluy
Marc Casali, spéléologie Hautes-Alpes, Dévoluy
Marc Casali - Spéléologie Hautes-Alpes
Le Dévoluy

Unusual journeys with Marc Casali, a specialist in the underground world.

Share a unique experience in a cave. This adventure is sporty & fun. Geology, hydrology, archaeology, cave fauna will be discussed. You will discover your bodily abilities in a new environment: you will become curious and enterprising. Committed body and soul in the exploration, you will show solidarity, to progress in the adventure, because «we always need the other in caving».
Enjoy 26 years of professional experience :

- State graduate: Caving/ canyon. Mountain guide. Nordic skiing.
- Member of the Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Spéléologie et du Canyon.
- Member of the French Caving Federation
- Deputy Technical Adviser of the French Emergency Speleology of the Hautes-Alpes
- Active member of the "Chourum" speleology club in Veynes, since the age of 14.

Via souterrata (all year) :
From the via ferrata in a cave to the via souterrata du Dévoluy.
This is a unique concept in France!
Alone, in family or tribe, come and explore the via souterrata of the Chourum des tunes, located in the Dévoluy massif. This cave is a crossing: we go in from one side and out from the other. The progression is varied: handrails on cable, bridge, monkey bridge, climbing, narrow passageways. This out-of-time experience will make you experience unusual situations in new landscapes. The photos of the exploration are offered.

Material provided:
- Headphones, lighting
- Combination of caving
- Shoulder harness with shock absorber
- Gloves
- Knee pads
- Shoes if yours are not suitable
How to dress up: warm clothing in a tracksuit style (high and low) the temperature in the cave is about 9°, socks, hiking shoes or basketball that close well, the soles should not be smooth.

Opening dates

All year round.


Via souterrata, full route: all year round:
> Child (-18 years old): 45 €
> Adult: 55 €

Caving: from late April to early December
> Family discovery, from 5 years old: 40 € / adult - 35 € / child (under 18).
> Sports exploration, from 10 years old: 50 € / adult - 40 € / child (under 18).

For all explorations the equipment is provided:
- Caving suit
- Helmet with powerful lighting
- Gloves and knee pads
- Harness and lanyards
- According to exploration, neoprene shoes and slippers
- Photos of the exploration offered